Saturday, March 17, 2007

Build a Free Blog

How to Build a Free Blog

What is a Blog?

Wikipedia defines a blog as a "user generated website where entries are made in Journal style and displayed in reverse Chronological order." (Newest entries show up on top). A typical blog will contain text, images, and lots of links. Many people use a blog as a chronicle or diary.

Building a free Blog from is very easy. is a division of Google. You must have a Google account to create a free blog on but it is easy to get a google account.

Login to Blogger

Once you have your google account you can either go directly from your google email account by clicking on the "more" button above the search window or going to and signing in with your google handle and password.

Next you will have to sign up for Blogger.

Then you name your first blog. Don't worry you can build as many as you want so the name of your first blog doesn't matter. I normally name the blog and try to use the same name as the blog address. Your blog address will always have after the name of your blog. I just built a blog for this article called I chose the Sand Dollar template. I named it "Build a Free Blog" just like I named this page. Then I copied this page into that page. Then I linked it to this page and above I linked to that page. This page is .

What is a blog good for? It is a really easy way to put information on the web for anyone to access.

You can put family pictures up or you can put non critical business information up easily accessed by anyone.

You can put up your garden club information and easily spread the address for anyone to view.

You can put the shedule and meeting place for the weekly mountain bike ride.

You can post pictures of the concert last weekend.

It is a really easy format to post information and the last post will always come up first